PDF Document file format

By | August 22, 2021

PDF Document file format

PDF is a Portable Document Format developed by Adobe. PDF files transform a document into a fixed layout, similar to an image, which retains its format in all programs, on all devices and operating systems. This allows the user to integrate various images, fonts and text formats (sometimes containing hyperlinks) into a single document.

The document is ready for printing and can be exchanged from any device. Most PDF readers are free, which makes it easier to access and use such files. Such files can be password protected, encrypted and edited.

In addition, 3D images can be placed in them (since 2004). You can easily merge, rotate, or edit PDF files online. Try this free PDF editor.

Any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar software) installed can open the PDF file. Many mobile devices (phone and tablets) they can also view, send and save such files.

Technical information about PDF files

PDF files have two different types of formatting: linear and non-linear. Non-linear files are smaller in size, but they load slower due to the fact that the necessary data is scattered throughout the file.

Linear (optimized) files can often be viewed in the browser. In addition, there is no need to download them completely – you can start viewing without waiting for the end of such an installation. Non-linear files can be optimized using Adobe Acrobat.

PDF files do not encode the information necessary for the program to work, which means that such files contain only the data that describes the document itself.

PDF files can be turned into interactive ones by adding comments, flash animations, three-dimensional and two-dimensional vector graphics, applications, as well as various security tools (cipher, digital signatures, etc.).

To open our sample files, use the following password: online-convert.com. In the case of the file “example_protected_userowner_nopermissions. pdf”, the following is the owner’s password: online convert (including spaces)

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