What is a PDF file, how to open, edit and convert?

By | August 22, 2021

The file developed by Adobe Systems with the PDF extension is a Portable Document Format file.

PDF files can contain not only images and text, but also interactive buttons, hyperlinks, embedded fonts, videos and much more.
You could see many times program manuals, e-books, leaflets, job applications, scanned documents, brochures and all sorts of other documents available in PDF format.
Since PDF files do not depend on the software that created them, nor on any particular operating system or hardware, they look the same, regardless of which device they are opened on.
How to open a PDF file
Most people go straight to Adobe Acrobat Reader when they need to open a PDF. Adobe created the PDF standard, and its program is by far the most popular free PDF reader. It is quite possible to use it, but I believe that it is a somewhat bloated program with a lot of functions that you will never need or that you will not want to use.

Most web browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, can open PDF files themselves. You may or may not need an add-on or extension, but it’s quite convenient to automatically open it when you click a PDF link on the internet.
I recommend SumatraPDF or MuPDF if you want something more. Both are free.
How can I open a PDF:
Google Chrome, Firefox, Yandex.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
How to edit a PDF file
Adobe Acrobat is the most popular PDF editor, but Microsoft Word will do it too. There are also other PDF editors, such as PhantomPDF and Nitro Pro.


The free PDF editor from FormSwift, PDFescape, DocHub and PDF Buddy are several free online PDF editors that make it really easy to fill out forms like the ones you sometimes see on a job application or tax form. Just upload your PDF file to the website to do things like embed images, text, captions, links, etc. and then download it back to your computer in PDF format.
A similar online PDF editor called Fill-if you just need to add a signature to the PDF. It also supports enabling checkboxes, dates, and plain text, but you can’t edit existing text or easily fill out forms.
Check out our list of the best free PDF editors for a regularly updated collection of PDF editors if you need something more than just filling out forms, for example, adding or removing text or images from your PDF.
If you want to extract a part of a PDF file as a separate one or split a PDF file into several separate documents, there are several ways to do this. Check out our best PDF Splitter tools and techniques to get all the help you need.
How to convert a PDF file
Most people who want to convert a PDF file to some other format are interested in doing this so that they can edit the PDF content. The PDF conversion means that it will no longer be .PDF and will instead open in a program other than the PDF reader.

For example, converting a PDF to a Microsoft Word file (DOC and DOCX) allows you to open the file not only in Word, but also in other document editing programs, such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Using these types of programs to edit the converted PDF is probably a much more convenient thing, compared to an unfamiliar PDF editor, like one of the programs I mentioned above.
If instead you want a file other than PDF to be a file .PDF, you can use the PDF creator . These types of tools can take things like images, e-books, and Microsoft Word documents and export them as PDF, allowing you to open them in a PDF reader or e-book reader.
You can save or export from any format to PDF using the free PDF creator. Some even serve as a PDF printer, which allows you to practically “print” almost any file into a. PDF file. In fact, this is an easy way to convert almost everything to PDF. See How to Print to PDF for a full introduction to these options.

Some of the programs on the links above can be used in both ways, that is, you can use them both to convert PDF files to various formats, and to create PDF files. Calibre is another example of a free program that supports conversion to and from e-book format.
In addition, many of the mentioned programs can also combine several PDF files into one, extract certain PDF pages and save only images from the PDF.
The free PDF to Word converter from FormSwift is one example of an online PDF converter that can save PDF files to DOCX.

See the section “How to convert PDF files to JPG” if you want your PDF file to be just an image, which can be useful if you are not sure that someone to whom you want to send a PDF file has or wants to install a PDF reader.
EasyPDF.com — Another online PDF converter that supports saving PDF in various formats so that it is compatible with Word, PowerPoint, Excel or AutoCAD. You can also convert PDF pages to GIF files or a separate text file . PDF files can be downloaded from Dropbox, Google Drive or from your computer. CleverPDF is a similar alternative.
Another conversion is PDF to PPTX. If you use PDFConverter.com To convert the document, each PDF page will be divided into separate slides, which you can use in PowerPoint or any other presentation software that supports PPTX files.

Check out these free file conversion programs and online services to learn about other ways to convert a PDF file to any other file format, including image formats, HTML, SWF, MOBI, PDB, EPUB, TXT and others.
How to secure a PDF
Protecting a PDF can include requiring a password to open it, as well as prohibiting anyone from printing a PDF file, copying its text, adding comments, inserting pages, and other things.

Soda PDF, FoxyUtils and some of the PDF creators and converters that are referenced from above — for example, PDFMate PDF Converter Free, PrimoPDF and FreePDF Creator-are just some of the free applications out of many that can change these types of security settings.
How to crack a PDF password or unlock a PDF
Although in some cases it is recommended to protect the PDF file with a password, you can forget what the password is by disabling access to your own file.

If you need to delete or restore the PDF owner password (the one that restricts certain actions) or the PDF user password (the one that restricts opening) in a PDF file, use one of these Free PDF password removal tools .

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